Walking in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler

My trip to Romania

July 24, 2018

So, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Romania. It was a lot crammed into a short time. A little visiting friends, a Judas Priest concert, and Dracula hunting. I was posting pics on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages while I was gone, but the internet was slow. So I figured that I would post some pictures here, with the links to some of the places that I visited, just in case you ever find yourself in Romania.

First you need to pack lots of Vampire stuff!

107.3FM in Bucharest was playing Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time", it wasn't quite the same.

But Rock FM, the only rock station around was pretty good. They were at the Judas Priest show.

Find a hotel with a giant skull in the lobby

Then it's time to see the sights. This is the Parliment building. The heaviest building in the world.

There is cool street art everywhere. It covers up the depressing concrete buildings from the old Soviet Union era.

The train system makes the T look good!

If they sell it, it's in the window. Yup, that's a casket!

They really don't take pride in their parking.

Did you know that Romania produces sunflowers and honey more than any other country in the EU? Yeah, me either.

If you're looking for Dracula, you just have to head to Bran Castle!

Vlad Tepes as he is known, is everywhere.

It's creepy, especially when a thunderstorm rolls in! I loved it.

Here are some pictures from inside, and around the castle.

And there is plenty of weird things to see in and around the castle as well.


They love gnomes... they are everywhere!

Brasov was one of my favorite places, it's beautiful!

Strada Sforii one of the narrowest streets in Europe. Yes, this is a legal street!

The Black Church (Biserica Neagra).

Cathrine's Gate

And the wickedc smaht kids in Transylvania

A must try...  Kurtos Kalacs (pronounced: Kurkush) they are delicious!

I had to take this picture... Sorry Mom!

Then off to Comana to see the final resting place of Vlad Tepes. Well, his body, his head... not really sure where that ended up! 


The Comana Monastery should not be missed. They won't tell you where exactly his remains are, but the entire place has a peacefull, yet creepy feel about it. It is breathtakingly beautiful. My pics don't do it any justice, and the music played throughout the grounds only adds to the overall experience.

Yup, those are real human bones and skulls.

Then back to Bucharest to the Church of St. Anthony the Great

Curtea Veche which is closed for the next 3 years for renovation.

And then a stroll around Old Town, Hell was closed too.

But Judas Priest was there at RomeExpo


And did I mention the booze?

And just like that it’s time to say goodbye. Some observations... everyone smokes, the streets are clean, fanny packs and Jean shirts are alive and well, driving here should be a reality show fight to the death, every old man dyes his hair, lots of old women have tattoos, you can buy anything on the side of the road, the stray dogs are sad, you must make the sign of the cross while passing a church which is every 50’, and this song is on the radio every 5 minutes... literally! And now it's in your head. 

All in all, it was an amazing trip!