Too much candy? Seriously? OK, here's what to do!

Halloween help from the Mistress

October 26, 2017

OK, are you seriously complaining about having too much Halloween candy around?

I would understand if you're talking about Candy Corn... YUCK!

But otherwise... Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH HALLOWEEN CANDY?

I'm sure you're dentist thinks so!

Well, as Halloween is my favorite day of the year, I'm here to help you out!

If you think you have too much candy, and you don't want to throw perfectly good candy away...

Here are some great alternatives. Donate it!

Our troops LOVE candy, and are more than willing to take it from you.

Soldiers Angels has "Treats For Troops"

Operation Stars and Stripes has "Operation Tick or Treating for Troops"

Operation Gratitude has "Halloween Candy for Heroes"

Operation Shoebox is collecting candy as well.

So there you go. Support The Troops with your candy!

And to all of our troops who are far from home, thank you all for what you do, and Happy Halloween!