Today, Jonna Mendez called. The former CIA Chief of Disguise, and best selling author has lived an amazing life.

May 21, 2019

Jonna Mendez called me today.

You may not know her name, but you probably know her work... or do you?

She's the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA.

She's also an author, with her husband Antonio "Tony" Mendez, sound familiar?

What if I said "Argo Fuck Yourself"? 

Ahhhhhh, THAT Tony Mendez!

These two are the perfect definition of a POWER COUPLE, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but FOR REAL!

Tony passed away this past January, but not before finishing his latest book, with his wife... The Moscow Rules

I would love to sit down and talk to Jonna for hours, but I only got a few minutes with her. 

Of course I asked about the book, and Argo. But, I also asked about what traits make for a good candidate to become an agent, and the state of US/Russion relations today.

I also couldn't let her off the phone without asking about JFK, come on now... you would have too!

Check out my interview, and this cool video of Jonna analyzing spy tradecraft in popular movies. 

JOnna was WAY ahead of her time, and I hope to meet her some day!