Red Sun Rising Live in studio

Promises Kept

November 14, 2018

Back in August, I met the Red Sun Rising guys, after the opened the Godsmack/Shinedown show at the Xfinity Center.

You can listen to the interview that we recorded, while drinking all of Godsmack's wine here.

They were really cool guys, and I hoped that they would be back in Boston soon.

Well, turns out, it would only be a few months later.

So, they came in to the WAAF studio, to be the first band to perform acoustic in the NEW studio.

They even started a new tradition of signing the in-studio WAAF guitar.

You can watch the performances here.

And you can listen to the interview as well.

These guys are awesome, and welcome back anytime...

Even though they are BROWNS fans.

At least they are trying out their Wicked Pissah accents!