Paul McCartney details break up of the Beatles, in a comic book!

March 7, 2013

I had to pass this along to all of my other fellow Beatles fanatics!

According to a recent press release...

“Paul McCartney: Carry that Weight” the new comic book out today.  The comic takes a snapshot of the afternoon Paul McCartney made the final decision to quit the most beloved band of all time, and imagines the thoughts and feelings behind it. The comic is inspired by the famously frank press release that came with his debut solo album and confirmed the end of The Beatles, and the end of his partnership with John Lennon.
“Paul McCartney: Carry that Weight” is written by Richard Elms and art by Orlando Maro.  The new comic features two covers, one by Alberto Pessoa and the other by Graham Hill.
“Only the Beatles themselves will ever really understand what happened at the end, but as a Fan of the Fab Four and their various solo projects, I have spent many an hour imagining those troubled times. Now with 'Carry that weight' I get to present my spin on Paul's feelings at the time, Fed up, tired and in love. This comic is not the truth, it is just a few scenes that could have happened in real life, and have happened in my imagination many times.,” said writer Richard Elms.  
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Bluewater already released a comic book and graphic novels on the Beatles.  “The Beatle Experience” is a 270-page graphic novel and “Orbit: John Lennon” is a 32-page comic book. Both are available  on Amazon as well as Nook, Kindle & ITunes.
Digital copies will also be available for $1.99. Download the comic to your e-reader from iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, ComiXology, Google Books, DriveThru Comics, Wowio, iVerse, and more.

Check out some of the images below!