My Tribute to Vinnie Paul

Digging through the MC20 archives

June 26, 2018

We lost Vinnie Paul this week, so I've been digging through my archives...

This is Vinnie and I in the old WAAF studio on Huntington Ave in Boston. It must be 1999 or 2000. That's the WAAF hat I gave him, in exchange for the cowboy hat he gave me. (pictured below) 

I found some great interview audio from Damage Plan in studio, and a couple of the calls Vinnie made to me before and after Dime was killed. Those interviews and more are part of Episode 24 of my Side Piece Podcast, which is up now.

My comments about Vinnie are in the podcast as well, but to sum them up... Vinnie was funny, sweet, gracious, talented, loyal, courteous, the life of the party, and the man with the biggest laugh.

I'm not claiming we were best friends, but whenever I saw him, he made me feel that way. He called me 'Sugar'. 

I hope you enjoy this episode, I am still digging through my archives, I'm sure I've still got some other interviews laying around.

This is the Reinventing The Steel in store, at the old Tower Records on Mass Ave in Boston.

This is Mike Hsu and I saying "We're Not Worthy" during a Dimebag solo on stage at Locobazooka, in September 2004.

And then we sang "Walk" and we rocked!

One of my favorite pictures... EVER! 

This is Winter, 2005 just months after Dimebag was killed. Sitting with Zakk Wylde, and Vinnie, telling Dime stories. Notice the WAAF tribute shirt, it was the first t-shirt that I ever helped to design. Here are details on the show. 

With Hell Yeah, at the Tsongas Center I think... I can never remember, those guys made me drink too much!


Here is the picture of my "Dimebag Sharpie Black Eye" that I talk about during the podcast.

This is Dimebags "guitar" from the Damage Plan studio takeover in 2004, I kept it.

And Vinnies "Drum Set"

This is the cowboy hat that Vinnie Paul gave me...

We will miss you Vinnie, we already do.

"You're only as old as you feel, you're only as old as you act!"-Vinnie Paul