Mike Hsu and I at the Red Sox Parade

David Price look over here

November 2, 2018

This week, my favorite day of the year, HALLOWEEN collided with the Red Sox World Series Duck Boat Parade.

It was amazing. In Ghostbusters, they warned about crossing the streams, but this time... It was awesome!

Mike Hsu joined me at Whisky Saigon on Boylston Street to broadcast live, people watch, and cheer on the Sox.

The day did not disappoint! Everyone was there.

Mike Hsu and I

A Gorilla


Wally & Tessie

And of course... the Red Sox!


Even the crazy God dudes were there!

And with as fun as it was for us, I think the team had more fun!

David Price was taking video of us, and Mike Hsu and I made it in!

wow wow wow!!! I wasn’t ready for all that!!! WE need to experience this again next year so WE (the players) can come with intensity OUR fans (Red Sox nation) came with!!! #unreal #18champs #letsgooooo

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I can't wait to do it all over again next year... <fingers crossed>

Oh, and Yankees Suck!