Memorial Day, what it is, and what it isn't.

May 27, 2016



This weekend, please remember why you can hang out in the backyard, and grill those burgers.

Memorial Day, isn't about the start of summer, it isn't about thanking our troops, and it isn't about shaking the hands of our Veterans.



Memorial Day, is about remembering the fallen, and shouldering part of the grief, that our Gold Star Families carry every other day of the year.

Our Troops have Armed Forces Day, and our Veterans have Veterans Day.

Memorial Day, is a day to remember just how expensive the price of Freedom actually is.

Today, I attended the dedication of the first War Memorial, dedicated to casualties post 9/11 in the United States, and it's right here in Boston, on the waterfront.

It's called the Mass Fallen Heroes Memorial, and it is beautiful!


Currently, there are 222 names etched into the glass panels, that sit next to the memorial, unfortunately, there will be more.


Please remember these names, and think of their families this weekend. They are the reason why you can live, work, worship, and play the way that you choose. They are the reason why you are free.