Not all heroes wear capes...

Marine veteran streaks baseball game in Red, White, & Blue silkies

August 1, 2018

Proving that there is more than one way to get the message out, Marine veteran Chris White streaked an Astros game in Red, White and Blue silkies.

“I am not a serial streaker, but I have been known to take my clothes off to show red, white and blue.” he said.

According to The Marine Times, he used the incident to discuss an organization, Freedom Hard, he created to use humor to curb the glaring trend of veteran suicide.

“If I can make you laugh for at least five minutes, then you’re not thinking about that dark space that you can potentially be in," White told Click 2 Houston. “And if I can gear it toward patriotism, to me, I consider that the holy grail.”

Bravo Marine... Not all heroes wear capes!

Semper Fi