I Went Marathon Training at the Home Base Facility

March 7, 2019

To put it simply, training for a marathon is a lot of work. You have to train your body to get used to running long distances, stretch your muscles, eat right, etc.

So when myself and some of my teammates visited the Home Base Foundation's facility at Constitution Wharf, we didn't know what to expect.

They had me doing all of these new exercises and stretching muscles in places I didn't know I had muscles before. And this was just the warm-up! Watch the recap of my workout in the video player above.

Tonight, members of my team and I toured the new state of the art @homebaseprogram facilities. I can tell you that our veterans are getting the best care money can buy there. Then we trained with some of the Veteran staff members, and they kicked my ass! 42 days to go! To help sponsor my run, click the link in my bio. #mistressrunsboston #teamhomebase #supportthetroops --------

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See more pictures of my training here!