I Took The US Army's OPAT Test and Here's What Happened

September 26, 2019

I recently met up with Sgt. Cook and Lt. Hayes of the U.S. Army to learn more about the OPAT (Operational Phyical Assessment Test), which is a test all recruits must pass before moving on to basic training. 

The OPAT consists of four exercises, each meant to fulfill a specific component of physical ability that has been deemed necessary by the Army: the long jump, the seated power throw, the standing deadlift, and the interval aerobic run. Not only must future recruits be able complete these exercises, they must meet the minimum required score in each one.

Check out the video above so you can see how I did in the Army's OPAT, or I could just flat-out tell you my scores:

Minimum Requirement: 120 cm
My Score: 134 cm

Minimum Requirement: 350 cm
My Score: 370 cm

Minimum Requirement: 120 lbs
My Score: 160 lbs

Minimum Requirement: 36 shuttles under timed intervals
My Score: 18 shuttles

As someone that ran the Boston Marathon earlier this year, to say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. But I guess that's the price I pay for not running since April.

But worry not! I plan on taking the OPAT test again so I can qualify for that sweet Army radio sidekick gig!