Could you walk from Georgia to Maine? Tackle the Warrior Hike!

July 27, 2016

What does it take to "Walk Off The War"?


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Well, for Veteran's taking part in the Warrior Hike, it takes the entire Appalachian Trail.

According to the Warrior Expeditions official website:

In 1948, Earl Shaffer told a friend he was going to "walk off the war" to work out the sights, sounds, and losses of World War II. Four months later, Earl Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

Following in Earl Shaffer's footsteps and in recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance outdoor expeditions, Warrior Expeditions created the Warrior Hike, Warrior Bike, and Warrior Paddle programs which are designed to help combat veterans transition from their military service.

Today, a team of 4 Veterans, currently making the hike, stopped by the WAAF studio.

(left to right) Jon Knepper aka "Bad Apple" (USMC), Stephanie Miller aka "Blade" (USMC) 

Daniel Dean aka "Sleeping Beauty" (USMC), Andrew Clark aka "Helton" (USAF)

I became friends with Daniel Dean, through his teammates Jared Ogden, and Grady Powell from Ultimate Survival Alaska.


If you don't like the way I'm living, just leave this long bearded country boy alone.

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Listen to the studio interview here!

Part 1



Part 2






For more information on Warrior Expeditions and the Warrior Hike:

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