2019 is going to ROCK!

This year is shaping up to be a blast!

January 9, 2019

As I write this, there are 96 days until the Boston Marathon. Normally, I would just celebrate it as the final day in the Boston Drinking Trifecta (St. Patricks Day, and Red Sox Opening Day included).

This year however, I'm counting down because that's how many days I have left to train to run the historic race. Yup... I'm running the Boston Marathon!

The marathon isn't the only thing to look foward too in 2019 though, this year is going to rock!

I'm lining up some awesome in studio performances

There are some amazing albums on the horizon!

The Concert Calendar is filling up.

Even the movies are going to ROCK with movies about Motley Crue, and Elton John

Even the movies that aren't about rock stars will be starring them.

And the Rock Hall Class of 2019 turned out pretty cool too.

And for me? I just want to see a show in a place I've never been before. In 2018, I saw Judas Priest in Romania. This year? I'm open to suggestion!