13 days to go

My Marathon Monday Countdown Continues

April 2, 2019

Well, if the Eastern States 20 miler was any indication as to what the Boston Marathon is going to be like... I know it's going to be tough. But I also know, I'm going to finish it.

Last Sunday morning, I got on a bus to head to the start in Kittery ME. I was nervous, it was warm, but not too warm. I didn't know how many layers I should, or shouldn't wear. People on the bus were talking about "sub 3 hour" marathon times, and I sat there thinking "I just want to finish". 

About 1,500 runners started the race, I was WAY in the back. I had an issue with my shoe at mile 3, and took off a layer at mile 8. At the halfway point I texted my BF that I was at mile 10, at 2:08 and feeling great. Then, at mile 12, I twisted my left knee picking up speed running down hill. It HURT!!! BAD! I started walking... At mile 13, I took some advil, and got a drink. By mile 14 I was really struggling, and I made a call. He told me that the pain was ok, and temporary. That was when the advil kicked in, to start running. He made me promise not to stop moving, or I would cramp up and I would be finished. He had some other choice words for me which I will keep private ;) he really knows how to motivate me... make me angry... and then he told me he was proud of me, and hung up. By mile 15 I was running again, and mile 19 was faster than mile 1. 

It was hard... I got sun and wind burned, and it was lonely. No one was out there cheering the runners on. Water stops were only every few mles. I ran out of songs on my "Running Playlist", something I am fixing now... But that moment when I crossed that finish line in Salisbury Beach was EVERYTHING! I have never run that far in my life, and I had more left in the tank. I now KNOW I can finish Boston. Partly because I am physically stronger than I was, partly because I am mentally tougher, and partly because all of you are there to support me. Your donations, notes, calls, and knowing you'll be cheering for me on Marathon Monday will help me get to Boston.

I've crossed the halfway point of my fundraising, with 13 days to go... Full steam ahead!

Thank you all