Mistress Carrie Blogs

I'm running the 2019 Boston Marathon

I've been at the finish line of the Boston Marathon many times, but this year is different. This year on April 15, 2019 I'll be in Hopkinton, with thousands of other runners, and I'll step off on the hardest journey of my life. I'll be running to Boylston Street, running the Boston Marathon. I... Read More

Where in the world would you go?

So, I recently met a guy named Anders Lindstrom, who works for Norwegian Air. They just added two new direct flights from Boston, one to Madrid, and the other to Rome. He and I sat down to talk about travelling the world. He's been to over 80 countries, I have some catching up to do. It got me... Read More

Red Sun Rising Live in studio

Back in August, I met the Red Sun Rising guys, after the opened the Godsmack/Shinedown show at the Xfinity Center. You can listen to the interview that we recorded, while drinking all of Godsmack's wine here. They were really cool guys, and I hoped that they would be back in Boston soon. Well,... Read More

Veterans Day Details

In May, I always remind people that Memorial Day is not a time to thank those who have served, it is a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving, and to thank their families. In November, Veterans Day is the day to thank everyone who has worn a uniform in service to this... Read More

Mike Hsu and I at the Red Sox Parade

This week, my favorite day of the year, HALLOWEEN collided with the Red Sox World Series Duck Boat Parade. It was amazing. In Ghostbusters, they warned about crossing the streams, but this time... It was awesome! Mike Hsu joined me at Whisky Saigon on Boylston Street to broadcast live, people watch... Read More

This Halloween is gonna ROCK!

Are you ready for Halloween? I don't think I have to remind you that Halloween is my favorite day of the year! I love Fall, but after Halloween, I am ready for Spring. I don't need the rest of the holidays, unless we can incorporate Halloween into them... Say, with Krampus?!? So, while everyone... Read More

All Disturbed, All the Time!...

There is so much going on with Distrubed, it's hard to keep up! So let me help you out! Today, Disturbed announced their headling tour with Three Days Grace. WAAF presents Disturbed, at the DCU Center on February 27, 2019. Click here for ticket info! Next week, if you listen 9, 2, 5... you can win... Read More

R&R Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Nominations

Just last week, I was talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Tom Morello when he was in the studio. While I am happy about SOME of these nominees, there are so many others that were left off of the list this year! Fans Can Cast Their Vote for Inductees at Rockhall.com/vote or In Person... Read More

As September ends...

As Suicide Awareness Month comes to an end this weekend, the mission shouldn't. Everyone knows someone touched by suicide. It's not an old or young thing. It's not a man or woman thing. It's not a rich or poor thing. It's not a veteran or civilian thing. It's a human thing. Mike Shinoda and Talinda... Read More

9/11/06 Baghdad Iraq

It's September 11th. We knew on that morning in 2001, that we would remember this date forever, we just didn't know exactly why. It became very clear in the days and weeks to come, what a mark that day would leave on the history of this country. Not just with the victims families, and those who... Read More