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All Disturbed, All the Time!...

There is so much going on with Distrubed, it's hard to keep up! So let me help you out! Today, Disturbed announced their headling tour with Three Days Grace. WAAF presents Disturbed, at the DCU Center on February 27, 2019. Click here for ticket info! Next week, if you listen 9, 2, 5... you can win... Read More

R&R Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Nominations

Just last week, I was talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Tom Morello when he was in the studio. While I am happy about SOME of these nominees, there are so many others that were left off of the list this year! Fans Can Cast Their Vote for Inductees at Rockhall.com/vote or In Person... Read More

As September ends...

As Suicide Awareness Month comes to an end this weekend, the mission shouldn't. Everyone knows someone touched by suicide. It's not an old or young thing. It's not a man or woman thing. It's not a rich or poor thing. It's not a veteran or civilian thing. It's a human thing. Mike Shinoda and Talinda... Read More

9/11/06 Baghdad Iraq

It's September 11th. We knew on that morning in 2001, that we would remember this date forever, we just didn't know exactly why. It became very clear in the days and weeks to come, what a mark that day would leave on the history of this country. Not just with the victims families, and those who... Read More

My Burt Reynolds Top 5

My Burt Reynolds Top 5 Today, we lost Burt Reynolds... He's acted in some of my all time favorite movies. If you haven't seen them, you need to binge these asap. You will notice that I left Deliverance off of this list. It's an amazing movie, that will give you nightmares, and make you hate banjos... Read More

Brent Smith Made Me Cry (In A Good Way)

Brent Smith of Shinedown and I have been good friends for a long time. So it's always a lot of fun whenever the band comes around Boston on tour to hang out. So for their final song at the Xfinity Center last night (August 25th, 2018), Brent brought me onstage to sing their acoustic cover of Lynyrd... Read More

This weekend... Where the hell am I going to end up?

OK, so here is the question... How will my weekend end? I'm not going to be getting a lot of sleep this weekend, and that's a good thing! On Saturday, I'll be running around the Xfinity Center with Mike Hsu, because Godsmack & Shinedown are in town! On Sunday, I'll be at Florian Hall in... Read More

Can we finally talk about suicide, and do something about it?

OK seriously, I mean it... We need to talk about suicide. #RaiseYourHorns How many more times are we going to hear about it? Another veteran, musician, family member, fashion designer, TV host, teenager, or Fire Fighter is gone. Suicide was the reason. What is going on? Why? Mental health,... Read More

What can you find in the woods of Massachusetts?

When is the last time you went walking through the woods? Ever been to Chesterfield? Well, according to THIS episode of American Pickers on the History Channel, maybe you should have gone! Aerosmith's original tour van found by 'American Pickers' in Western Massachusetts. https://t.co/aORnaK4gkU... Read More

Not all heroes wear capes...

Proving that there is more than one way to get the message out, Marine veteran Chris White streaked an Astros game in Red, White and Blue silkies. “I am not a serial streaker, but I have been known to take my clothes off to show red, white and blue.” he said. According to The Marine Times , he used... Read More