Mike Shinoda Of Linkin Park Wants New Album 'To Be Our Best'

June 29, 2016

Ever since their 2014 album Hunting PartyLinkin Park have been moving fast and furious towards their new, untitled album which, according to co-vocalist Mike Shinoda, is unsure when it will be available.

In a new video posted to Linkin Park's YouTube channel, Mike Shinoda gives fans a 360-degree tour of their studio while giving them intimate information regarding the new album.

"I had an epiphany today about the album. Right now, it the studio the foundations of the songs are there," Shinoda says. "I think it's time to shift into the next gear. Let's discover the voice of this album ... I want to get into experimentation mode, get weirder, and record more live instruments ... I said at the beginning, I want this album to be our best. Let's do this! ... I'm AMPED!"

As far as what Linkin Park has actually recorded, Shinoda says, "We've got basically like vocals and chords, like words and melodies and chords on a  lot of our favorites and we've narrowed it down recently to like under 20 hopefully."

Check out Shinoda's full 360-view video below:

(source: Loudwire)