Will The Greatest Band In North America Be Able To Top The Bad Boys From Boston? The Rock N' Road To Gold Rages On!

August 11, 2016

It has been a brutal road to the semi-finals of the WAAF Rock N' Road To Gold.  The big story is Canada's proud sons, Rush, defeated Ireland's juggernaut, U2. Further proving that it doesn't matter how many pairs of sunglasses you own Bono, you'll never be as cool as Geddy Lee.  Now The Greatest Band In North America takes on The Bad Boys From Boston, Aerosmith, who took down Germany's Scorpions like 195kg taking down an Armenian weightlifter's arm:


Despite The Ten Club's best efforts Pearl Jam fell to ACDC despite the Australian behemoth's number of team members on the disabled list...or on meth.  Also, the EPIC Battle Of Britain ended with the tight pants Viking Lords Led Zeppelin overpowering Pink Floyd.  Now they have to pack up their inflatable pig and enormous box sets and head home.

Who will make the finals?  That is up to you.  Vote below and check back for the results tomorrow morning.  I, personally, am hoping our neighbors from The Great White North beat out the local guys.  I Know, SACRELIGIOUS!  Routing against the home team?  Sorry, but I am a loyal follower of The Temple Of Syrinx.