WAAF Brew And Chew #3: Fried Clam Chowder And Brunch In An Egg Roll At Warehouse Bar And Grille

January 9, 2017

There were only two kinds of clam chowder.  The traditional New England Clam Chowder with it's creamy deliciousness, and that horrifying abomination some call Manhattan "clam chowder".  I can't even go any further because I'm going to puke just thinking about it.  You can't mess with a New England institution like clam chowder...or can you?

The folks at Warehouse Bar And Grille in Boston have taken the institution and FRIED it!  Well, kind of.  They're not much for "traditional" over there on Broad St.  Check that out and their line of non-traditional egg rolls in the latest episode of WAAF's Brew And Chew: