That Time Kevin From "The Office" Almost Played Drums For Alice Cooper And Other Stories From Brian Baumgartner

August 19, 2019

Who didn't love Kevin Malone from "The Office"?  A gentle giant of a man who's many talents included making an amazing pot of chili and drumming for the Scranton, PA based Police cover band Scrantonicity.  Here's some of his greatest Ofiice moments:

Brian Baumgartner, the man who brought Kevin into our lives, is in a new movie called "One Last Night", a romantic comedy that has a few unexpected twists an Brian playing a bumbling security guard.  Here's the trailer: 

Brian talks about the movie, if "The Office" could be made today, and that time he almost put his Scrantonicity drum talents to use for Alice Cooper.  Except one small detail kept him from greatness.  Listen below: