These Two Movie Trailers Will make You Laugh And Cry Within Five Minutes

July 23, 2019

Get ready to cry.  Then laugh.  Then cry laughing.

Here are two trailers for movies I am way to excited to see.

The first is the long awaited Mr. Rogers biopic coming in November, “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” starring American treasure, Tom “F*****g” Hanks.

I have to say, he’s got HUGE nuts for taking on this role.  Because before Hanks was America’s treasure, it was Mr. Rogers.  Letting kids(and adults) know everywhere, that could watch his show, that they were going to be ok.  He took on everything for the kids, divorce, death, racism, and used the inner workings of a make believe monarchy to explain new feelings and problems they dealt with every day.  I’m a huge fan.  His code for “I Love You”, 143(1=I, 4=Love, 3=You) is tattooed on my right wrist to remind me what it’s all about.

Hanks better get this right.  Or I'm going to punch him in the neck...ok, Mr. Rogers would not approve of that. From the trailer below he looks pretty good with the zip up sweater and tennis shoes.  But he doesn’t quite have the Pittsburgh(Mr. Rogers base) accent quite down.  He’s sounding a little Forrest Gumpish.  Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.  Then grab a hanky(Dad pun)

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum it’s the trailer for Jay And Silent Bob Reboot.  This movie might have the most big time cameos ever.  I see old Kevin Smith buds Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Rosario Dawson, and Craig Robinson.  Fred Armisen, Shia Lebeouf, the seemingly inseparable Method Man and Red Man, James Van Der Beek, Jason Biggs and Founding Father Tommy Chong are also packed in.  Did I miss anybody?  This is the Red Band trailer so there is NSFW language.  But we needed that after the Mr. Rogers trailer.

And just for fun, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, a video of the Greatest band In North America: