The Sound Of 100 Christmas Carols Being Played At The Same Time Sounds Like The Inside Of My Head Right Now

December 22, 2016

In an article for Medium, Swedish creative director Peter Rudwall said he created this aural monstrocity to, "To compile and concentrate a high amount of Christmas frequencies into a chaos of joyfulness."  

I don't know if he accoplished that, but he did manage to recreate the noise inside my skull during the days leading up to the holidays.  It also reminds me of being at a mall on Black Friday.  A mix of cheery yuletide ambience layed over the soundtrack of a Viking gang pillaging an unsuspecting village.  Rudwall has definitely captured a spirit here.

I don't get many carolers in my neighborhood in Worcester, Mass.  But I'm thinking of blasting this through a portable speaker in front of my neighbor's houses until they give me their booze.  Kind of like a sonic pillaging.  Enjoy the chaos: