Robert DeLeo And Jeff Gutt From Stone Temple Pilots Talk Loss And Letting Go On Their New Album "Perdida"

December 4, 2019
Stone Temple Pilots

For every bit of success Stone Temple Pilots has had there seems to have been an equal part tragedy or struggle.  The Ying and Yang of Rock stardom.  They started with a charismatic and superstar ready lead singer but he was plagued with addiction problems to the point where he became more of a liability than an asset.  Scott Weiland eventually succumbed to what the band called “his curse 4 years ago when he was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota.

Then another superstar stepped in to live out one of his rock-n-roll dreams.  Linkin Park singer and self proclaimed STP fan Chester Bennington stepped into the frontman spot and things seemed good.  Then Bennington succumbed to his own demons and took his own life in 2017.

The band spent over a year looking for a singer that could ease into the chemistry and controversy and found Jeff Gutt who fit right in.

Their second album with Gutt on vocals will be out on February 7 and is called “Perdida” which is the Spanish word for loss.  And this is what they pour into this mostly acoustic album.  Check out the first single "Fare Thee Well":

I talked to Gutt and bassist Robert DeLeo about what inspired them to do an acoustic album, if any of the songs touch on the loss of Bennington and Weiland and if they will pursue this sound moving on.  Listen below: