Rest In Peace Bill Paxton And Thanks For The Pin

February 26, 2017

It was the Summer of 1983 and I was hanging out on Venice Beach.  I was staying with a friend who had an apartment 20 feet from the water and while he worked I would cruise the strip marveling at the freaks all day.  It was a bit of paradise for my 15 year old self.  One sunny, beautiful, Southern California afternoon a man in black noticed the buttons I had on my jacket and asked if I would like one from his band.  He had slicked back hair, Wayfarers, and was wearing a black sport coat with matching pants and t-shirt.  So before I could say "beat it creep" he held out a pin that said Martini Ranch.  It looked cool so I said sure and put it next to my Jam pin on my jean jacket. He was very pleased about this and we chatted about music for a minute before he moved on.  A couple of years later I saw that same man playing Chet in the movie Weird Science.  I turned to my friend and said, "Hey! I met that guy! He's in a band called Martini Ranch!"  To which my friend replied, "Who?


That "creep" Bill Paxton went on to star in some major blockbusters like Twister, Aliens, Apollo 13, and Titanic.  He's also in a great indie film with Judd Nelson and James Caan called The Dark Backward which is well worth your time if you like to be freaked out.

Thanks for the pin Mr. Paxton. Too bad the band didn't pan out. Luckily you had that other job to fall back on.  

Rest In Peace dickweed.