Check Out The Late Great Randy Rhoads Warming Up At A Texas Gig In 1982 With A Bonus Ozzy Interview!

November 19, 2019


While deep into a Youtube wormhole I came across this footage from 37 years ago of the late great guitarist Randy Rhoads warming up during soundcheck at a gig in Beaumaont, Texas in 1982 during the "Diary Of A Madman" Tour.  The shredding starts at around 3:42 once you get past the footage of early 80's roadies setting things up in athletic tube socks and gym shorts.(A far cry from the standard cargo shorts and black hoodie gear of the current day crew member.)  Apparently this is the only known footage of Rhoads at a soundcheck.   Exactly a month later Rhoads would die in a plane crash.

The Ozzy Osbourne interview starts at around the 4:30 mark.  It's great hearing Ozzy speaking somewhat clearly although he seems quite fatigued.(or high)  At about 6:40 he talks about earlier voice problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse.  But says he's off of both and can perform better without them.  He reiterates this at the 8:00 mark and says he's become quite "anti-drug".  Although Rhoads was trying to leave the band at the time due to Ozzy's rampant boozing and drugging which made him unpredictable and forced him to miss a few gigs.  

Still this video is a great snapshot in time of a couple of legends.

Now Ozzy is getting ready to release his first solo album in ten years!  "Ordinary Man" will be out early next year and a tour startting in May with Marylin Manson.  Check out his latest song, "Under The Graveyard" featuring Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums and Duff McKagan from Guns-N-Roses on bass: