Don't Let "The Circle Game" Fall Into The Hands Of Nazis

October 4, 2019

The Anti Defamation League recently came out with an updated list of hate symbols used by white supremacists, Nazis, and other extreme right wing hate groups(or as I like to call them, “assholes”). Added to the data base is a symbol that I have not seen used as it’s originally intended form for some time: The “OK” hand gesture.  You know, the thumb and index finger connected to form a circle with the remaining three fingers extended.



The ancient Greeks used it as a sign of love.  In Hindu and Buddhist cultures it represents a circle, the sign of “Perfection”.  According to 17th century English philosopher John Bulwer it is a sign of approval.

Throughout my life, the gesture was used as part of “The Circle Game”.  The challenge is to display the gesture below your waist and trick your buddy into looking at it.  If that happens you get to punch that person in the arm…or chest…or balls.  Rules may vary from region to region.  It had a resurgence in the early 2000’s from the TV show “Malcolm In The Middle":

If I may digress for a moment:  Wasn’t “Malcolm In The Middle” awesome?

But now, some dickhead, racist who’s parents never loved them has hijacked this ancient symbol of love(and petty physical competition) to be used to represent their bigoted bullshit white power cause.  It’s been seen in several places of supposed authority.  Like the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings with US Attorney John Bash’s wife flashing the sign:

Some say she was just trolling lefties watching CNN.  Which I believe.  But it just legitimizes the gesture losing it’s original innocent meaning.  How about these good ol’ boys in Alabama? And how about the dickhead who killed 49 people at those mosque shootings in New Zealand?

Now some douche playing Gru from “Despicable Me” at Universal Orlando is sneaking it into the family vacation photos.  Look at this asshole:

In the words of Indiana Jones, “Nazis…I hate these guys.”

This has to stop now.  We have to TAKE IT BACK!  TAKE. IT. BACK!  What’s next?  The “Thumbs Up”, “The Devil Horns”, “The Peace Sign”, “THE SHOCKER”???

I’m tired of racist assholes ruining things like the ancient buddhist symbol of infinity and a certain style of facial hair.



Let’s take it back.  These douchebags need to be stopped.  I’m stepping up my “Circle Game”…well…game and tripling my use of the “OK” emoji.  And I HATE emojis.  I’m not going to let the assholes win.  Please join me.