The Nudist Truth With "Naked At Lunch" Author Mark Haskell Smith

June 2, 2015

Mark Haskell Smith is not a Nudist but for some reason needed to write a book about Nudists.  Quite honestly, I'm glad he did.  "Naked At Lunch" is a very informative and humorous look inside the "Naturist" movement.  Haskell literally bares it all for a Nude Cruise, Nude Hiking, and a Nudist town in France.  Along the way he reveals that there are actually many different reasons people want to live naked.  Some are railing against what they call the "Fashion Industrial Complex", while others just like it swinging in the wind.  There are some who even believe living nude will save the planet. All of these things are discussed in our interview below including the high priority of most Nudists: Sunscreen.

Thumbnail photo by Gaudencio Garcinuño

Photo by janneth