The New England Veterans Alliance Is Using Cannabis As A Gateway To Wellness

August 8, 2017

The New England Veteran's Alliance Is Using Cannabis As A Gateway Drug To Wellness

To Derek Cloutier and Devin Tellier of New England Veterans Alliance, cannabis IS a gateway drug.  But as Devin says in this interview, "The gate swings the other way"  Both are veterans(Derek, Marines, Devin, Army) and have done tours of duty in Iraq.  Both came home with personal struggles from their experiences.  Both have used cannabis to help them fight addictions and personal demons.  Through NEVA they are helping other Vets and their families do the same. Check out the podcast above to hear more details about their mission and experiences.  

If you are a veteran or know one that needs help, please contact NEVA at 508-603-NEVA or go to