Michael Rapaport Is The Obnoxious New Yorker Doing Stand Up And The Sweet Dad In Atypical. It's Called Range.

November 22, 2019
Michael Rapaport

You know Michael Rapaport.  You may have seen him in some of the over 60 movies he’s been in.(Higher Learning, Zebrahead, Mighty Aphrodite, Copland) or one of his many TV appearances.(Friends, My Name Is Earl, Boston Public) or on any of the sports channels talking about his love of basketball.  He’s immediately recognizable with his red hair and New York accent and attitude.  But on season three od the Netflix series “Atypical” he is…well…very un-Rapaport.  He plays a very sweet, encouraging father to his college age autistic son and uber sarcastic teenage daughter.  As opposed to the usually abrasive and unforgiving disgruntled New York sports fan you see on Instagram.  In the interview below I try to bait him about how crappy his teams are doing but he humbly takes the ribbing.  Probably because he’s currently on a stand-up tour that is ending at Laugh Boston on December 27,28,29 and doesn’t want to get pelted with bottles and garbage when he gets here.

I truly love this show.  It's well worth checking out:

And here is the other side of Michael Rapaport: