KFC Releases Fried Chicken ASMR & Gravy-Scented Candle

January 23, 2019

In the realm of food, there isn't anything sexier than the scent, sound and taste of fried chicken and KFC gravy. Apparently the Colonel got word of this and now KFC will be releasing three audio tracks of "friend chicken sounds" ranging from chicken being fried, gravy being simmered, and french fries falling that listeners can use to relax. Probably with a big bucket of KFC.

Click Here to listen to the KFC ASMR

On top of that, they have also announced that they are coming out with a gravy-scented candle! Apparently there are only 230 candles available, so you can enter to win yours by "clucking" here

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go now and fall asleep both to the sounds and tastes of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Omnomnomnomnom.