Jay Buchanan Of Rival Sons To Sing National Anthem At Gillette Stadium For Patriots vs. Titans Game

January 3, 2020

Today we got a call from Jay Buchanan from the band Rival Sons as he was boarding a plane that was headed to Boston so he can sing the national anthem at tomorrow’s Patriots game!

Mike Hsu talked to him about how he got asked to sing at the game. "I believe it was the Patriots that contacted my management and asked if I'd do it. That was a few days back, but of course, I'd love to do it!"

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Of course, people say it's a tough song to sing. "This morning I was having coffee and my wife and my daughter come in to the dining where I'm sitting at my computer and I'm watching the 20 worst renditions of the National Anthem. There have been some real doozies!"

Mike Hsu gave him some solid advice -- don't do it like Rosanne. "I'm prone to play it traditionally." 

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Rival Sons were recently nominated for two GRAMMY nominations -- their first noms ever. One was for Best Rock Album and the other for Best Rock Performance. "We were in Denmark waking up one morning on the bus....and all of a sudden I come down to get my coffee on the bus and everybody starts going crazy." Buchanan described the crazy feeling, "to be validated by a jury of your peers that's a really good feeling -- it's nothing something you ever expect to experience." 

You'll have to listen to the interview to hear what moment he picked between being nominated for a GRAMMY vs. hearing their song on the radio for the first time. 

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Earlier this year, Rival Sons stopped by the WAAF studio where they talked with Mistress Carrie and performed "Do Your Worst" live. Check out both videos below!

Rival Sons -- "Do You Worst" Live in the WAAF Studio

Rival Sons Interview with Mistress Carrie

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