Hey Drum Heads! Author Tony Barrell Thinks Drummers Are Misunderstood

March 18, 2015

How many drummers does it take to write a book about drummers?  Answer: None.  Despite not being a drummer, author Tony Barrell has written a great book called "Born To Drum: The Truth About The World's Greatest Drummers".  Barrell did talk to many notable drummers like Chad Smith(Red Hot Chili Peppers), Nick Mason(Pink Floyd), Ginger Baker(Cream), Phil Collins, and Sheila E.  He explains why a non-drumming journalist would write this kind of book and who he thinks the best drummers are in the interview below.

Here's the drummer we mentioned who shaped the sound of Hip Hop, Clyde Stubblefield:

Here's Tony's favorite drummer, Mr. Keith Moon:


Here's my favorite:


Here's some samples of why we were raving about Phil Collins drum skills:


Who is your favorite drummer?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Thumbnail photo by Damir Z

Keith Moon photo by Bill Abbott