Hardcore Band Literally Has Grand Slam At Denny's

December 17, 2019

I’ve seen a lot of shows in a lot of places that probably were not meant for live bands.  Living rooms, basements, school cafeterias, office building basements.  I saw Soundgarden at the Hampshire College cafeteria in 1988.  They pretty much destroyed the place.  It was amazing!

I stumbled upon this video thanks to Metal Sucks.  Apparently some kid named Bryson paid the Denny’s in Santa Ana, California $400 to put on a hardcore show with the band Wacko.

Yes, a Hardcore show in a Denny’s“Excuse me waitress, someone’s Doc Martin just landed in my Moons Over My Hammy”. They literally had a Grand Slam at Denny’s. For real!

And like most hardcore shows in small spaces with no security, it was chaos.  Now Denny’s is demanding $600 for damages.  Bryson, who is allegedly only 17, is now $1000 in the Egg In A Hole.  Yes, both parties should have known there would be some collateral damage.  But the Santa Ana scene has come together and set up a crowd funding campaign for Bryson to help him cover the costs.(Update: the campaign is closed and they raised enough to help him out. Hit the link anyway to check out the cool t-shirt) I’m going to pitch in because these kids aren’t sitting at home playing video games or staring at their phones.  They’re out there causing chaos.  Good chaos!  Just watch the video below.  The REAL Chaos starts around the 7:30 mark.  The band is standing on tables, with full amplification, no PA, no microphone, the singer is just stirring the cauldron of craziness and the band is tearing into the circle pit.  The place gets pretty sweaty really fast which may cause a health problem for Denny's.  It’s good to see this still happens and people show up to support it.

One of the best parts of the show is the singer announcing the “after party” under a bridge with a generator 3 miles away.  You know every one of these people, throughout there lives, will ask, “Remember that show at Denny’s?”

We need to get a show going at a Popeye's Chicken to add to the chicken sandwich chaos.