Finally! The Buzz Aldrin/Phil Collins Mash Up We Needed!

July 23, 2019

Hey Freaks!

I know it’s been a LONG time since I dumped in this blog space so I apologize for that (or I apologize for returning). I will hopefully be dumping more often so, you’ve been warned.

As you might know Greg Hill is moving to WEEI to do mornings after an amazing 29 year run on WAAF.   Danielle Murr is going with him to keep him in line and add some needed estrogen to the mix.  LB and I will be remaining on The Only Station That Really Rocks and taking over the afternoon drive spot from 3 pm-7 pm.  We’re still trying figure out an appropriate name for that impending fiasco.  If you have any ideas please let us know.  So far “Hsu And The Cinder Block” seems to be sticking.

A couple of the former Hill-Man Morning show’s favorite things recently converged thanks to the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Every time a new conspiracy theory about the moon landings being fake came up on the show we would always include an audio drop of a moon landing denier confronting Apollo 11 crew member Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, telling him he should “be ashamed” of propagating one of the biggest “fake news” stories of the 20th Century.  After a couple of warnings, Colonel Aldrin, MIT grad, the first man to urinate on the moon after landing the lunar module with only 25 seconds of fuel left, “Mr. Rendezvous”, clocked Bart Sibrel with a solid right hook to the jaw.  He was not charged.

The other favorite involves one of Greg’s favorite “ear moths”, Phill Collin’s “In The Air Tonight”.  The drum fill at the 3:41 mark consistently makes drivers doing 85 down the Mass Pike let go of the wheel for a surge of involuntary air drumming.   You know you’ve done it.  It’s Mike Tyson’s favorite part:

To celebrate the anniversary of the first humans on the moon Blue Spice Space has done a mash up of these two beautiful things.  Enjoy the video on repeat until someone punches yopu in the face.