The Converse Chuck Taylor Just Got Cooler...And Louder

June 22, 2016

Could the coolest sneaker in history get any cooler?  Apparently it can.  The folks at design agency Critical Mass and Cute Circuit have made the official high top of Rock-N-Roll a part of the music with the Converse All Wah.  Mad scientists have built a Wah Wah Pedal into the soul of the shoe for the fashionable guitar player.  For those of you who aren't familiar with what a Wah Wah Pedal is check this video at the 3:31 mark for a great example:


Here's a video from the guys at Critical Mass explaining the technical stuff:


There's no release date yet but since this video was made they have been able to switch to bluetooth so the player doesn't trip over the cords when they're rocking out.  Also, kudos to Converse for paying tribute to the late great Chet Atkins.  His bad assery can be seen in this video: