Baby Yoda Loves Metal!

December 10, 2019
baby yoda

Who knew “Baby Yoda”(what we’re calling him for now until we find out what he is) would become the breakout character from “The Mandolaorian”?  Between the Baby Yoda t-shirts, plushies, tote bags and Starbucks drinks you can’t escape from the wrinkly little kale chip.  I just hope it all doesn’t go to his head and he pulls a Charlie Sheen circa 2011 with all the hookers and blow.

If you want to nerd out about The Mandolorian tune in around 4:30 on Wednesdays when we talk to the Admiral Akbar of Boston meteorologists Jeremy Reiner from Channel 7.  He is THE ULTIMATE Star Wars nerd.  I believe he may actually posses the power of The Force.  As far as what Baby Yoda is I believe he is a clone of Jedi Master Yoda.  Some say he is the actual son of the OG Yoda.  That means two things would have to be a reality:

1. There is a female Yoda being out there somewhere.

2. That means Yoda sex is a thing and I don’t want that in my head.

I also believe in the last episode The Mandolorian will finally take off his helmet and reveal that he is Jar Jar Binks.(one can only make a Christmas wish)

Until then, enjoy this video from Metal Sucks of baby Yoda jamming the grind core in the Razor Crest: