Actor Luis Guzman's Keys To Success: Be Humble And Never Order Food At A Restaurant Ten Minutes Before They Close

December 12, 2019
Luis Guzman

Luis Guzman stumbled into acting by chance.  He was a Social Worker mainly for troubled youth in New York City and was urged by a friend to try out for a role as a drug dealer in the first episode of the hit series "Miami Vice".  Since then it's been steady work in movies like "Boogie Nights", "Carlito's Way""Traffic", as well as TV shows like "Shameless" and "Narcos".  My personal favorite is the head chef Raddimus in "Waiting":

Guzman takes on a role as a preacher in his new film "Hold On".  Check out the trailer: 

We talk about that and what has been his key to success in show business.  We also talk about his strong commitment to helping others, especially kids.  Listen to the interview below: