This 82 year Old Guy Singing "Bodies" By Drowning Pool Is My Inspiration

June 7, 2016

This is John Hetlinger.  He's a former Navy Pilot and was the program manager in charge of an instrument that was used to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.  So why is he on the thorny turd of a show called America's Got Talent?  Because John Hetlinger is a Badass Rock-N-Roll Motherf***er! Check him out making Heidi Klum all wet singing Drowning Pool's "Bodies":

GOD DAMN! Navy Pilots are slick sons-a-bitches!  Did you see the rage in that man's eyes?  He was FEELING IT!  I can only hope when I'm that age I can summon the power of Odin to kill it during Rest Home Karaoke.  

Please, if there is an all powerful being, let John Hetlinger hook up with Drowning Pool for a live and loud performance.  PLEASE!

UPDATE(6/8): Apparently the Drowning Pool guys were impressed because guitarist CJ Pierce wants Hetlinger to join them for a show! Read more here.