Metallica's James Hetfield Loves Adele

November 21, 2016

In an interview with BBC 6 MusicJames Hetfield of Metallica comes clean about one of his biggest guilty pleasures, Adele.

Hetfield is unrestrained in his praise for her talent and how she composes herself while onstage, as well as the amount of fame placed on her.

"I love her, she's unbelieveable and blows my mind," Hetfield says. "Her voice and her candour and coolness about being up there and being as huge as she is. She's so down to earth."

While performing for the Acoustic-4-A-Cure, Hetfield and his daughter Cali even performed a cover of Adele's "Crazy For You."

Hetfield also reveals that the late Amy Winehouse served as inspiration to their new hit "Moth Into Flame."

"The film about Amy Winehouse inspired me to write that song. it's a sad movie. Fame can be a dark, dangerous drug. Everybody wants a piece of you. It totally changes your view of the world."

"Fames has followed me around since we formed the band. It's a Pandora's box that often makes you wonder: 'Okay, how do I become unfamous?'"

(source: NME)