Metallica Releases Smoking Hot Video Of Their Grammys Dress Rehearsal With Lady Gaga

March 3, 2017

At this point, everyone is well aware of what happened during Metallica's performance of "Moth into Flame" with Lady Gaga during the 59th Annual Grammys. 

To keep it short, here's a list of what happened

  • Actress Laverne Cox forgets to say Metallica's name before introducing them
  • James Hetfield's mic is mysteriously turned off for the first half of the song
  • James shares his mic with Lady Gaga before his is turned back on
  • The rest of the performance was awesome
  • James got pissed
  • Metallica fans got pissed

But on their YouTube channel, Metallica uploaded footage of their dress rehearsal with Lady Gaga with zero technical difficulties! Metallica said, "Perhaps you've heard by now that we experienced a slight bit of a technical difficulty when we hit the stage at the Grammy Awards with Lady Gaga a little over [two weeks] ago … hmm, would that qualify as an understatement?!? For those of you who missed it, we've posted the live broadcast version."

"We've had so many of you ask and wonder 'what if,' so we thought it might be fun to also share with you what happened just a few hours earlier that day at the dress rehearsal with all cylinders firing just right. Collaborating, hanging and performing with Gaga was easily one of the most exciting, inspiring and enjoyable experiences of our career — she BRINGS IT every single time!! All we have to say is that we absolutely cannot wait until next time!"

Watch the video below!

(source: Blabbermouth)