See The Nastiest Burns From The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis

July 30, 2018

Roasts are always fun events to attend. You get to verbally destroy your friends to their faces for fun and then re-evaluate your on insecurities. Which is why the Roast of Bruce Willis was so fun to watch!

First to take the stage was the host of the evening, Joseph Gorgan Levitt (aka, young Bruce Willis from Looper), who wasn't shy about criticizing Bruce's movie roles, nor being replaced Ashton Kutcher.

Then came the roastmaster general Jeff Ross, who sent went scorched Earth on not just Bruce and the dais, but his kids too!

Returning roast champion Martha Stewart torches everyone without making a mess in a pretty little package.

Hollywood actor Edward Norton really showed off his acting skills by pretending to like Bruce this whole time.

Nikki Glaser showed her pure disdain for Bruce, despite never having seen any of his movies willingly.

And then came out the big guns. Bruce Willis's ex-wife Demi Moore came out guns blazing and she did not hold back!

Lastly, as tradition, Bruce gets to have the final word... as well as ending a longtime argument surrounding the original Die Hard.