The Two Malden Guys That Found The Red Sox Division Title Banner Get Nothing In Return

September 20, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have reached a new level of masshole we never thought possible.

You may have heard about the Red Sox' 2018 division title banner that two Malden dudes say they found on the side of the McGrath Highway earlier this week. One of the guys, Louie Iacuzzi said that they were just trying to do the right thing by looking to return the banner to the team, but they would expect some sort of reward in return (hint hint wink wink).

Maybe tickets to a game or meet a Red Sox player? Nah. They got diddly-squat.

It turns out that the team already had a duplicate banner made. So a second banner is pretty much useless. 

Tony Lafuente, who has been making banners for the Red Sox since 1992 strong believes that the duo stole the banner and should be ashamed for trying to squeeze some sort of reward out of the team. Ouch.