Tom Brady Wants Five More Years In "Tom vs Time" Epilogue

September 5, 2018

Even after 18 years playing for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady still doesn't feel ready to call it quits at the age of 41.

As the scales between family and football vie for constant balance in Brady's life, we learn that there is still an insatiable need for more goals to accomplish in the NFL while there is still time. "I would love to play five more years," Brady says. "I think it's gonna be very hard to do. But... I think I can do it."

And what about all of that drama that keeps getting drummed up about him, Belichick and Robert Kraft? "I'm learning to deal with it better," says Tom. "I don't still give a f**k that much anymore about anything, you know."

"Just caring about things that really matter like my family, like people's health, like life and death. But, to worry about a lot of bulls**t that people may say or think or feel like, I really don't care."

Watch the entire Tom vs Time: Epilogue below!