No, Tom Brady Won't Hold Back Hucking Dodgeballs At His Family

July 6, 2018

C'mon, if you've got the #1 arm in the entire NFL, it would be a sin not to make good use of it whenever an opportunity arises. Even if that means hurling dodgeballs at break-neck speeds towards members of his own family. Many of whom are women and children, include his mother and Victoria's Secret supermodel wife, Gisele.

Typical way to finish the day in the Brady house! #theresnocryingindodgeball Rules - 1.face shots count crying 3. Boys vs girls always! #LFG

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That's what Brady does. In a way, he's gearing up for the next season. Just switch out Gronk or Julian Edelman with a few nine-year-olds and he's in the game.

Just listen to the sound of the woman getting nailed in the face from the Gisele-cam below.

You can't cage the GOAT. Just listen to Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report on the matter below!