TODAY IN TRAILERS: New Aquaman Trailer < A Tweet About Captain America

October 5, 2018

So the new AQUAMAN (aka - Wave Of Thrones) trailer came out...

And that's no ordinary trailer. It's an extended trailer, too. Giving fans a niuce juicy cut, not just a ittle taste, but a big ol' bite of what's to come when Rock 'n Roll Underwaterman battles the fish guy from THE SHAPE OF WATER, or whatever. Can you tell I'm not too psyched for this movie? It's a combination of previous DCU movies being so bleak...and this looking like a Red Bull and Godsmack-filled version of the same desaturated Zack Snyder crapola we've been seeing for the last decade. And when you couple that with how great the MCU movies have been? It's like comparing a day old fast food hamburger with a freshly grilled tomahawk ribeye. From flavor to prep, contest.

Which makes the fact that I'm more excited for the next AVENGERS movie, which isn't coming out for six to seven months from now, even sadder. I got more worked up over a freaking tweet about the Avengers, a farewell to arms by Captain America himself (a South Shore native no less), than I did a trailer for what's supposed to be this cool new badass DCU movie. (Trump tweet voice) SAD!!!

Oh how the Justice League has fallen. The Superfriends should be weeping! I'm tired of seeing cloudy skies, gray backdrops and 300-style action. DCU could learn so much from MCU. And Aquaman, you've work to do. Way more than just the fake fishpeople you're gonna CGI-wrestle with in this extended underwater Metallica video of yours.