No, YOU Stop Watching The Thomas The Tank Tricks Video!

December 6, 2017

You know how you fall down a YouTube hole some nights? You click on a link someone tells you to watch...then because you're human and have better things to do but can't because internet, you click on another video. And then another. And another. And then before you realize what's happened you've watched two movie trailers, a news piece, two vintage TV shows, a lawn care instructional, a pet music video, a granny stunt, a home improvement clip and probably something involving peanut butter and sneakers. WELL, the other night I fell down one of those YouTube holes, and somewhere in my content consumption freefall I stumbled across one of the simplest, stupidest and most spectacular videos maybe ever; Thomas Train Stunts. And I can't stop watching it.

And now you won't be able to, either. But why? WHY? Is it the simplicity that's so mesmerizing? Is it the basic child-like joy it brings to us in the midst of this year of divide and uncertainty? Is it because you can't help but watch and wonder how they did each trick, and how long each took? Or is it You know, fun? Isn't this just what the internet was made for? Outdoor pool stunts, sixty second cookie pizza recipes and toy train tricks, right? Whatever the case, once you've fallen down a toy train tricks videohole of your own, you can thank me / hate me later.