Matty Finally Met His Hero, Chris Robinson!

August 22, 2017

It was a long time coming, but Black Crowes fanatic Matty Blake was finally able to meet his hero face-to-face, frontman Chris Robinson!

To say that Matty was nervous would be an understatement. Even a paranoid Chihuahua would have had a calmer demeanor. But Matty managed to keep it together (not from a lack of effort!) and had, if not, one of the most memorable experiences of his life! If only he could remember it course!

Check out a clip from their interview below:

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And listen to Matty's full reaction to the experience below!

Hot Flash - Matty Finally Meets Chris Robinson

Matty's dream has finally came true! Matty has met Chris Robinson of 'The Black Crows' (and almost wets his pants in excitement!) as the two have a 1 on 1 interview discussing Robinson's music. Though Nick and Stiz join in for a few laughs over Matty's successful interview, find out why!