Sit Back And Laugh As Stiz Grimey Gets Hypnotized By Frank Santos Jr!

July 13, 2018

There are lots of opinions surrounding the art of hypnosis. It's fake. It's all an act. Those people are plants. Etc.

That's why we invited New England entertainment legend, Frank Santos Jr. into the WAAF studio to find out if he really is the real deal! So what better way than to volunteer our producer, Stiz Grimey, to serve as his voodoo doll?

First, Frank took Stiz into our office where he finally learns what it feels like to be put under! Then he brought him back into the studio and did the impossible by making him unable to talk!

Then Frank wanted to help Stiz with something he's been trying to overcome for a while... smoking. Nothing a few "zzz's" can't handle!

Lastly, Frank helped introduce us to what may be the hottest hip-hop artist in the known Milky Way Galaxy, the Moon Rapper!