The Guy Movie 100 BROMISSIONS

August 1, 2017

OK folks, we listened to you - after our mammoth effort in putting out The 100 Movies Every Guy Needs To See, aka The Guy Movie 100, aka The 100 Greatest Guy Movies, you let us know how you felt. Did you ever. Thoughts, feelings and disagreements aplenty on the movies we included, but mostly on what we excluded.  Which is why we recorded this: The Bromissions bonus episode of the series.

Herein, Matty & Nick are once again joined by Uncle Buck, Georgie Kipp & Jerry Thornton not to count down their choices for the list, but rather argue for and wonder aloud why some of their other favorites DIDN'T make the list. Plus mention some listener favorites and glaring omissions as well. Chock full of more favorites and rewatchable classics, as many of your favorites might well show up and get some love here as in The Top 100. Any further issue or disagreement? Can't help you. I think we've mentioned every movie worth watching at this point.

Feel free to holler at us with questions comments, concerns, ideas and whatever glaring other omissions might have been made - @mattynickwaaf