Fitzy, Jerry Thornton & Co. Bring You Everything Pats Fans Are Saying At The Bye Week

November 9, 2017

Fitzy, our resident sports guy on The Matty & Nick Show (who we admit looks an awful lot like Nick), is back with another video chock full of his Pats pals and Foxboro fanimal friends (namely Georgie Kipp & M&N regular Jerry Thornton from Barstool Sports), talking all things Brady, Gronk and Gilmore thus far in "Shit Pats Fans Say: 2017 Bye Week Edition" (mildly NSFW)

Plenty of truth, and nonsense, in these three minutes. And to think Martysaurus Rex came back just after they dropped this. I'm sure their Brady recovery pajamas got a little tighter when they heard Martellus Bennett was headed back to 1 Patriot Place.