Excited For The New Star Wars? You May Suffer From "Premature Force Awakening"

November 30, 2017

T-Minus two weeks until THE LAST JEDI hits theaters...not that Nick or the billions of Star Wars fans worldwide need reminding. I (Nick) bought my ticket to the opening day (well, morning) screening and I can't wait! Most blaster-wielding, pants-saber-sporting nerds are in full-blown fanticipation of the release (some are expecting full release) of the latest chapter in the most successful franchise in movie history. The hype(r drive) on this one is building, with great advance word. And so many questions! Who are Rey's parents? Will someone switch alliances? What the hell are Porgs? This level of Force fever that can sometimes take over one's normal life is known as "Prematiure Force Awakening", a condition indicated by nonstop immersion in Star Wars culture, where one almost imagines him-or-her-self living on Tatooine or Jaaku, but here on Earth. This widespread condition was first diagnosed a few years back before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with grown men crying at the mere sight of a movie trailer. The symptoms are obvious, though there's no known cure for such intense nerdery. Watch the PSA below to see if you or someone you know suffers from PFA...and may The Force be with you...always.